Running the Wolds

I need to start introducing some hill work into my training. Looking at the route for the Cape Wrath Ultra (you can see for yourself here it seems that I’ll be climbing 11,421 meters as I cover the 400km trail across 8 days. So I’ve prepared some routes which make the most of the hills that Lincolnshire has to offer.

In this video you can see how I felt after taking a hilly, 19 mile route from Grimsby to Tealby. I drove to my friend’s house in Tealby and got a lift back to Grimsby, so that I could run back to my car.

Reflections on a long, hilly run…and a new adventure in the pipeline?

I’m thinking of taking part in another adventure after Cape Wrath. I have been invited by Major Iván Castro, who was a fellow runner in the Marathon des Sables (MDS), to join him in a challenge he is undertaking in the North America. Iván was one of the runners I shared a tent with (we were in Tent 62), and he astounded me with the stories of his achievements. I’m delighted and proud to have been invited to join him in one of his challenges.

Some of my Tent 62 buddies at the MDS, including Iván

Iván is tackling the Pacific Crest Trail this year, a hiking trail which runs through the states of California, Oregon and Washington, in the U.S., and British Columbia in Canada. I’m hoping to join him for part of the trail. Watch this space for more details!

I’m also happy to announce that I am officially raising funds for the Rainbow Garden in Hull, as I take part in these challenges. You can donate here. I’m delighted to be able to support the Rainbow Garden, because they do such a wonderful job of helping folk to get outside, learn some new skills and meet new people. Those are things that have helped me find mental and emotional wellbeing, as I’ve been training for and taking part in my ultra-running challenges.

The Rainbow Garden, Hull

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