Still on the Road for the Rainbow Garden

These are strange times. While the country is more or less at a standstill due to COVID-19, I am very grateful to be living close to some beautiful landscapes where I can still get out and run.

I’ve found that running has helped get me through some very difficult times in the past, mentally and emotionally (even though the running itself can be physically very tough!). Part of what helps is just getting outdoors, being active and having something to focus on, a goal.

Unfortunately, the goal I’ve been working towards recently has been moved, as the Cape Wrath Ultra has been cancelled for 2020. I’ve taken some time to think about this and I’ve decided to defer my entry and hope to run in 2021 instead.

It wasn’t an easy decision. When this year’s race was cancelled, I’d been training for it for 10 months. To go back to the beginning and start again is a blow. But I am lucky to be able to keep running. And I have another goal, besides completing a race.

I want to help a charity which helps other people to get outdoors, be active, feel a sense of purpose and achievement. The Rainbow Garden in North Hull is a community garden, open to everyone. Run by empathetic and knowledgeable staff, it’s a welcoming place where anyone can find the space to breathe.

The ‘stumpery’ in the Rainbow Garden

We’re all going to need places like the garden more than ever once we start being able to meet up with each other again. I want to help make sure that they are still there for us.

You can help too, by following this blog, my YouTube channel and Facebook page. Your comments help me feel like I’m not on my own. Take a look at the great work the Rainbow Garden is doing on their Facebook page too – while the garden itself is closed to the public, the people who run it are reaching out to people however they can.

And if you can, think about donating via my Just Giving site, to help them keep going. I offered refunds to everyone who had donated before this year’s Cape Wrath Ultra was cancelled but nobody wanted their money back. Now that I’m enrolled in next year’s race instead, you can sponsor me towards that if you’d like to.

I’ll leave you with this video recorded on a recent training run – I’m continuing these at the moment, as part of my daily exercise.

Training during COVID-19

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